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Nov 2, 2009 - Load is used to load XML either from a stream, TextReader, path/URL, . 1" I suspect you xml data does not have a root level: for example:

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DOMDocument::loadXML — Load XML from a string of a DOCTYPE declaration; otherwise, loadXML() will not be able to interpret the string. Example: <?php loadXML(xmlString)This method is used to load an XML document using the This example creates an XML string, and uses the loadXML method to load it. The loadXML method resets the XMLDocument object first (clears the This example illustrates the use of the loadXML and the parseFromString methods:

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DOMDocument->loadXML() -- Load XML from a string. Description. class DOMDocument { mixed loadXML ( string source [, int options] ) }. Loads an ExamplesBy default the LoadXml method does not preserve white space or significant white The following example loads XML into an XmlDocument object and saves it Load Xml Document Sample : XML Read « XML « C# / C Sharp. Nov 22, 2008 - LoadXml(string) fail when an XML header is included? No problem. Does anyone have any idea why the following code sample fails with an NET PHP SQL tutorials, references, web building examples. The function described above, is used in all XML document examples in this loadXML(txt); Example. The following script example creates a DOMDocument object, and then uses its loadXML method to load the specified XML before displaying it. JScript.

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